Truth, Beauty, and Goodness unify life at Regina Angelorum

The themes of truth, beauty, and goodness are the foundation for our Classical Liberal Arts Education.

Nature Studies, Poetry Recitation, and the analysis or construction of an argument, the application of math are still other ways students encounter truth, beauty and goodness. They are woven into the fabric of our school community.

RAA studies the work of one composer and one artist each trimester. Every two weeks a new piece of the artist or composer is introduced to the students. In the case of art, the piece is placed image side down on their desk. The students turn it over and study it for 2-3 minutes and then flip it back over. Students take turns narrating what they remember from the art work. In addition to the narration, the students in upper grades comment on the mood, artist’s intent and symbolism in the artwork. Over the following two weeks the students refer to the artwork as they try to create a copy of the master.

Our students spend time regularly practicing the skill of narration in order to assimilate this knowledge. Narration is a classical pedagogical method of telling back or writing back that which is read, heard, observed or experienced. It is through the children’s narrations that the ideas and ideals set forth like a banquet before the children are digested. We believe the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ to be ever present as the unique and sacred personality of each child is nourished by this feast.

1st Trimester

Composer Study:
Clara and Robert Schumann

2nd Trimester

Composer Study:
Jazz Anthology

3rd Trimester

Composer Study:
William Byrd

Artist Study: Mary Cassatt

A Woman and a Girl Driving | Source: Flickr

The Child’s Bath
Family Group Reading
Little Girl in a Blue Chair
A Portrait of Alexander J. Cassatt and his Son, Robert Kelso Cassatt
A Woman and a Girl Driving

Artist Study: Horace Pippin

Christ and the Woman of Samaria | Source: Pinterest

Giving Thanks
Christ and the Woman of Samaria
The Getaway
Abe Lincoln Building a Cabin
Maple Sugar Season

Artist Study: Raphael

Madonna di San Sisto | Source: Pinterest

The Miraculous Draught of Fishes
The Liberation of Saint Peter
The Vision of a Knight
Saint George and the Dragon
Madonna di San Sisto
The School of Athens