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An Alternative to Homeschooling

There is an alternative to homeschooling.  Perhaps with good reason, homeschooling is on the rise. A recent Washington Post article called it America’s “fastest growing educational trend.” Immediately following the pandemic lockdown, homeschooling peaked.  The number of homeschooled students dropped slightly in 2022-2023, but the overall number of homeschooled students is still higher than pre-pandemic enrollment figures. Homeschooling was once a niche option for a small group of parents who were interested in educational alternatives.  The COVID-19 pandemic caused many parents to re-thinking traditional education, especially in public schools. According to the Reason Foundation, parents have turned to homeschooling for several [...]

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Truth, Beauty, and Goodness through Art and Music

The Foundation: Truth, Beauty, and Goodness (TBG) The themes of truth, beauty, and goodness, known as TBG at Regina Angelorum Academy (RAA), are the foundation of a Classical Liberal Arts Education. Students encounter truth, beauty, and goodness through various disciplines including nature studies, poetry recitation, analysis or construction of an argument, and the application of math. Each of these disciplines is woven into the fabric of the RAA school community. Each trimester, students study the work of one composer and one artist. A new piece of art from the selected artist or composition from the selected composer is introduced to [...]

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First Friday at Regina Angelorum

First Friday has a special meaning at Regina Angelorum Academy.  For Catholics, certain practices carry a profound significance that resonates across generations. The First Friday Devotion is one such practice.  For the students, faculty and families at Regina Angelorum Academy, First Friday is ingrained into the school’s curriculum and culture. Exploring the First Friday Devotion The First Friday Devotion is rooted in the veneration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus first made popular by Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque in the 17th century.  Christ’s Sacred Heart is a reminder of His boundless love, compassion, and willingness to embrace humanity's sufferings. Traditionally observed [...]

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Walking and Praying: Regina Angelorum’s Annual Walkathon

Walking and Praying:  Regina Angelorum's Annual Walkathon brings our entire community together.  This is a chance to be united in prayer and in service to the school.  . Our neighbors in Ardmore have become accustomed to seeing Regina Angelorum students and families walk through the community during our Annual Walkathon. When people see us passing, they also notice that we’re doing more than just walking; our walking is a form of prayer, coming together as a community, and enjoying God’s creation.  The Regina Angelorum Academy Walkathon The Regina Angelorum Academy Annual Walkathon unites the students, faculty, and families. This important fundraiser supports the [...]

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Prayer at Regina Angelorum Academy

Prayer at Regina Angelorum Academy Regina Angelorum Academy is a private, independent Catholic grade school. As a school community, we are faithful to the teachings of the Catholic church. We believe that our primary responsibility is to point children towards Heaven.  This is a sacred trust we have received from the parents of our students, and we make every effort to honor this commitment. Daily prayer is a part of school life at Regina Angelorum Academy and is the anchor of a student’s day.  Through daily prayer, we can help students build a lifelong habit of prayer and devotion that [...]

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Embracing the Solemnity of Our Lady of Sorrows: A September Devotion

With Fall in the air, joy and enthusiasm have returned to the halls of Regina Angelorum Academy.  Students, faculty, and families have renewed excitement about the new school year. For September, we embrace the Solemnity of our Lady of Sorrows on September 15th. Like Catholics around the world, at Regina Angelorum Academy, we have entrusted ourselves to the Blessed Mother’s patronage.  Through this devotion, we are called to reflect on the profound suffering endured by the Blessed Virgin Mary, as well as the incredible joy she experienced, as the mother of Jesus.  This month, we have a unique opportunity for contemplation, [...]

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Welcome Back

Dear Families, We hope that you have enjoyed a restful and fun summer.  We are enthusiastic about welcoming 183 students from 89 families for the 2023-2024 school year! We have been making numerous preparations and improvements to the school over the summer and we look forward to opening our doors on September 6th.Classrooms have been painted and renovated, our kitchen and basement restroom received much-needed upgrades, and the school has been deeply cleaned. As Regina Angelorum Academy begins its 18th year, it is important to pause and express gratitude for our dedicated faculty. Our teachers have spent many weeks preparing for [...]

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The Whole Story: Regina Angelorum and Classical Catholic Education

In today’s modern education landscape, where technological advancements and evolving teaching methodologies dominate the classroom, a classical education offers a timeless and profound approach to learning. According to an article in First Things, which was then reported in Fox News, “over 200 classical schools have opened in the US over the past two years.” While the growth of classical education in recent years has captured the hearts and minds of parents seeking a holistic, well-rounded education for their children, sixteen years ago, the founding parents and teachers of Regina Angelorum already knew that this approach to education would provide the best [...]

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Summer Break: A Time to Relax and More!

From our principal, Ann Coffey Summer break offers time to relax, have fun, travel and much more.  It is an opportunity to explore, learn, and make cherished memories with family and friends.  Our faith is central to our lives, not only September through June, but all year long.  The summer months provide a special and unique time to consider the value of our Catholic faith and the importance of Catholic education. Some of the greatest memories of summer are made in the warm sun, swimming in cool pools, and traveling to see friends and new places. While enjoying summer, here are [...]

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Catholic Schools Week: January 29 – February 4

Catholic Schools Week is January 29 - February 4. This special week allows RAA and other Catholic schools nationwide to celebrate our commitment to faith, excellence, and service. Our faith in Jesus is the foundation for all that we do at RAA. Our faculty helps students develop excellent habits and flourish in virtue by imitating Christ. Our commitment to service allows students to remember that what we do for the least of our brothers and sisters, we do for Christ. Children hunger for real traditions. In that spirit, here are the traditions that we hold dear during Catholic Schools Week at [...]

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