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StreetGames is one of the UK’s leading ‘sport for development’ charities – changing lives and transforming communities through the power of sport.

English Cymraeg

The people beside the people

Since 2007, StreetGames has been working with community organisations across the UK to transform young people’s lives through sport.

Our network now totals over 1,600 local community organisations – from sports clubs and community groups to housing associations, leisure trusts and local authorities. These organisations are uniquely placed to support young people in their communities, by offering a safe place with trusted coaches and organisers who know their neighbourhood and the young people who live there.

With our years of experience, and status as trusted sector leaders, we are proud to support each and every one of the organisations in our network through knowledge and insight, help with sustainability and investment, practical tools and resources, networking opportunities and more – empowering them to do what they do best: creating positive change in the lives of young people through sport and physical activity.

We are the people beside the people who change lives and communities.

Our approach

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We are proud to have been supporting community organisations across the UK for more than 15 years.

Our Partners

Sport England

In 2022, StreetGames received an investment of £10.5million from Sport England over 5 years. We were awarded long-term funding because of our committment to co-deliver change at a national and local level, to help more people enjoy the benefits of playing sport and being active. As a Sport England partner, our focus will be on providing a wraparound support offer which sustains and grows the impact of community organisations in our network and increases the participation levels of young people and their ability to contribute to addressing wider social inequalities.

Sport Wales

StreetGames are a recognised and funded National Partner to Sport Wales, working collaboratively to support the Sport Wales Strategy ‘Enabling Sport in Wales to Thrive’ and the collective sectors’ ‘Vision for Sport in Wales’. StreetGames supports Sport Wales’ 6 strategic intents, to ensure that sport and physical activity is accessible to young people who live in underserved, low income communities, through a Network of Locally Trusted Organisations delivering Doorstep Sport.

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