Training in Action

The StreetGames vision for workforce 

‘Workforce’ is central to achieving the StreetGames End Game set out in our Active for Today and Tomorrow strategy. The workforce across sport must be appropriately skilled to enable increased access to, and excellent delivery of sport which meets the needs of every young person. The workforce must also be sustainable, relevant and authentic. 

The commitment of the Training Academy—to fit training to communities, not communities into training—is underpinned by a vision to assist young people to change their lives and maximise their potential. This approach, driven by the training that is needed by those delivering Doorstep Sport, is delivered when and where suits their staff and volunteers.  

StreetGames’ work with organisations and individuals at the frontline of sport and youth allows fast sharing of learning and rapid translation of insight. This allows us to identify developments and workforce needs as they emerge and stay ahead of the curve to meet those needs at scale. Spotting issues and responding quickly ensures our training offer remains up to date with new findings and ahead in development terms. 

StreetGames learners can expect a high standard of quality in the delivery of our training which meets their individual needs and helps them achieve to the best of their ability. Training will be delivered by those with the skills to meet learners’ needs, and the knowledge to share relevant experience. 

Resources and Tools

Ingredients of Doorstep Sport

Learning from organisations in the StreetGames network has identified a number of key ingredients underpinning effective Doorstep Sport.

Us Girls

The award-winning Us Girls programme is designed to increase and sustain young women’s participation in sport and physical activity in underserved communities across the UK.

Engaging Learners in your Training Programme

Six top tips to engage participants with the training on offer.

She Got Game resources

StreetGames are part of the She Got Game partnership which aims to support organisations to increase girls’ participation in physical activity. Resources include an e-learning course, handbook and video guides.

Activity Card examples

The StreetGames Activity Cards are a handy collection of simple 'active' activities that can be delivered by a group facilitator or young leader.

Fit & Fed Safe Activity Ideas

Our NextGen Young Volunteers created a series of videos with ideas for games that can be adapted to suit all ages and ability levels, and played safely within any social distancing guidelines.

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